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Mikrotik routers

RouterOS and associated hardware RouterBOARD are highly advanced product, available at a very reasonable price. Their built-in functionality can compare to equipment that otherwise cost ten or in certain cases a few hundred times more.

Equipment options:

  • routing protocols: BGP, OSPF, RIP;
  • MPLS;
  • tunnels and Access Servers: PPPoE, PPTP, PPP, EoIP, IP over IP, IPSec;
  • Authentication: built-in RADIUS server;
  • charging (“billing”) Internet access: Built HOT SPOT, in conjunction with a RADIUS-server also support payment
  • through PayPal;
  • smoothing of traffic (“traffic shaping”): simple queues, a hierarchical tree;
  • optimized protocols for the transfer via WiFi connections – elimination of built-in limitations on the distance between
  • stations and optimization of traffic through a combination of short packets and IP packet headers;
  • statefull firewall, SNMP, DNS and WWW transparent proxy;
  • WDS, Mash, and all the protocols relating to WIFI.

Routers that are acting as the first firewall in the enterprise or as an interface between locations are getting more and more widespread.

Mikrotik is one of the few routers that can, for example, connects two locations over a public Internet network so that computers don’t perceive it and act as if they were all in a single network (“bridging”).