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No1 Telecom

No.1 Telecom application

What is our new No.1 app?

Application No.1 is a mobile and desktop application that enables all the most modern forms of business communication. The application basically works over a landline network or through the landline number of your home or work phone. With this, you are no longer tied to the length of the wire of your telephone handset, but you can answer the phone call from anywhere in the world.

What the app offers?

Application No.1 allows you to:

  • video call,

  • Sending messages,

  • Correspondence in the group,

  • Sending audio recordings,

  • Sending documents,

  • conference connections,

  • Personalizations and much more…

Download the app:

App for iOS: Download

App for Android: Download

The application is also available for operating systems: Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Easy installation:
– we send you a QR code with all the information you need,
– simply scan the QR code with all the settings and it’s already working.