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IP Telephony

Access to the latest system for managing phone costs is only a phone call away.

“Stunning technology with which successful businesses reduce their telecommunications costs by 20 to 45% … Guaranteed”

Take advantage of new telecommunications technologies Voipex – IP telephony.

  • Lower your telecommunication costs from 20 to 45%
  • Keep a complete overview of answered and missed calls
  • Reduce the cost of mobile phone when roaming on a mobile network of a foreign operator
  • Have a full control over your network with the possibility of monitoring various parameters (time, phone number, group, …) and extracting the costs.

Voipex is the result of our own knowledge and extensive research we’ve done in order to create superior solutions for an effective integrated telecommunications and reduction of costs.

Without a doubt … flawless telecommunication technology

Voipex is an integrated and effective system of telephony in one package that covers everything you can imagine and much more. You’ll be delighted when you see that with a small technical intervention and minimal start-up costs, the company will be using efficient and cost-effective telecommunications system.

  • Easy to use
  • Enables easier and faster communication within and outside the company

Voipex includes as much solutions as you can think of …

  • Welcome message to the caller and call routing
  • Random routing and retention of call
  • Conference call and reference conference
  • Answering machine and delivery of voice messages to e-mail
  • Local e-mail server
  • Blocking of calls from a certain numbers
  • Temporary “turn off” numbers “do not disturb”
  • Record conversations to increase customer satisfaction
  • The system of ques lines
  • The ability to link multiple switchboards/IP centrals from different locations over IP

If you miss anything in the package, let us know!

We treat every client individually, so we’ll put together and customize a package according to your needs!

Why? Because we are not stuck in the classical solutions and we are ambitious, modern company. Our guiding principle is that we provide you with the services that are most adapted to your needs and work processes. We will gladly include all your wishes!

We focus on what is really important: cut costs and use modern telecommunications!

Business owners, consider why Voipex is your best choice.

  • You optimize the cost of telecommunications.
  • You will have full control of company calls.
  • All the concerns and problems with the telecommunications will be handled by us.
  • At Novatel we always strive toward improvement and innovation.

It is time you take a full control over the telecommunications in your company!