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IP telephony

With the development of IT networks, VoIP has become a serious competitor to traditional telephony, offering large savings as well as other additional advantages.

Internet access

The Internet has become an indispensable source of information, as well as a crucial tool for performing professional and everyday tasks.

SMS postman

Texting is a way of rapid and effective communication. However, if this can be done through a computer, or even with an automatic process…

Call center

For the purposes of helping our customers and clients, we have our own call center.

Weby - web hosting

Have you created your own website or application? Our web servers are quickly accessible and safe.

Collocation rent

Do you have your own server, but your internet connection can’t handle it? We can offer you space and take care of the operation.

ASK - Alarm, SMS, Conference

ASK is a web application developed to alert, inform and offer dynamical communication.