What is the best telephony solution?

Now-days, everyone is wondering: What is the right telephony solution? VoIP Telephony Yes or No?

We found the right answers to these questions and we can professionally advise you in the selection of equipment and services suitable for you.

For this purpose we tested and selected some of the most appropriate components we recommend. The key element IP PBX – VoiPex (IP PBX) is the product of our own development.

Security and stability are crucial parts of every network so we pay a lot of attention to firewalls and network routers.


IP PBX or IP switchboards are designed in three size classes, each adapted to its range of consumers.

IP Phones

Among a large selection of IP phone manufacturers on the market, we decided to offer devices from Grandstream. We believe their products are of high quality, durable, with modern design and very favorable price.

Dialogic equipment

In the world of telephony there are quite a few different standards, from classic TDM world to the PSTN, and the IP in which standard H323 and SIP appear the most usual.


RouterOS and associated hardware RouterBOARD are highly advanced product, available at a very reasonable price. Their built-in functionality can compare to equipment that otherwise cost ten or in certain cases a few hundred times more.


Linux is the operating system of the future. As an open source platform it’s constantly improving and upgrading and still remains safe and fast.

Cisco network equipment

Cisco Network Systems are a foundation for services and programs which are used to achieve the maximum potential of a company.