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VoiPex Q

Smaller solution suitable for business use. At the expense of its small size, it was necessary to sacrifice some functionality, but it is still richly equipped, simple and above all economical.



Simple. Browser management

System management and settings are easily accessible via a web browser. To access the required features, it is divided and restricted to specific users who may have different access restrictions. Access to the system is restricted by a well-guarded firewall.

Reliable Continuous operation

As the consumption of the whole system is very low (only a few watts), the operating temperature of the system is also low, thus ensuring a high degree of operational reliability. Power is via an external 12V to 18V power supply.

Powerful. Just as expected …

In a small, small body made of lightweight aluminum (17cm wide, 16cm deep and 3cm high), there is a process panel that is customized to run dedicated software solutions. Therefore, up to 30 internal phones can be connected to the system, which can hold up to 8 simultaneous calls. Advanced call forwarding options, group calls, call answering and many more features can be customized for each number.

Customizable. Perfect for any environment

Since there are two network interfaces in the base unit, the PBX can be set up as required according to requirements. Within a private network, on an external network, or both (one interface is on an external network and the other on an internal network), however, network security is not compromised because it is a very strong firewall.


the system settings are made through the web interface. It is divided into several levels.

A) system-level management and settings
B) system administration level settings – settings of extensions, local phones, calling routes, group …
C) User-level controls – Voice mail management, redirects …


VoiPex Q has a large set of features such as queues, call forwarding, call monitoring, call forwarding, call answering, blacklisting, priority calls …


It is resolved with a very strong firewall that allows access only from known and selected networks that have been previously defined. A VPN system can be used to connect the provider, which fully protects the system against “uninvited” visits, and can automatically connect to the provider’s aggregator. Firewall management is only enabled at the system level, and the basic rules are already predefined. The phones inside are placed in a separate VLAN.